About me

My name is Torbjörn Reidarsson, Toby for short, and I live in beautiful Sweden, Scandinavia.

Yes, it is far north, but don’t believe the rumours, we have no polar bears walking the streets here. (Today it’s 26 degrees celsius outside so they would probably melt). And we do not make clocks, that is Switzerland…

In 1985 I used a computer for anything sensible for the first time. It was a Luxor 800 computer nobody even remembers now. In 1986 I imported an Atari ST1040 from the UK. It was sold under the slogan “Power Without The Price”. The Atari ST was a cheaper alternative to the Mac, complete with the graphical interface we all take for granted now.

The 1040 had a whole megabyte of memory built in! “With one meg in RAM” was a slogan often seen in ads. This was at a time when many still used Commodore 64-s with 64 kilobyte in RAM.

The Atari was a nice hobby for many years, especially for music since it had a midi interface built-in.

In 1994 I built my first web page. Just some text and a GIF image, that was all. But it was enough to impress the local Apple reseller enough to hire me full time. The following years I spent most of my time building web sites and e-commerce stores and promoting the Mac.

It was easy to find work. We were still in the pioneering years of the internet  and many companies paid good money for their first website.

1998 I started my own company ITRAB and it is still running today. I spend most of my days being a webmaster for other companies.

But whenever I get the time, I love working on my own blogs. This is one of them.




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